How to Clean Your Computer

You might be having some problems cleaning your desktop and laptop. If you want to clean your PC just like a PC Cleaner would, here are the things you can do:

Clear your browser history. You can also set your browser to automatically clear its history when you close it. - I prefer to clear my browsing history before I turn my pc off.

Run the Disk Cleanup tool included with Windows. It will free up space on your hard drive, but it will also delete old temporary files and other useless things. Just click the Windows key, type Disk Cleanup, and press Enter to launch it. You can schedule a Disk Cleanup to clean your computer automatically.

Run the Disk Defragmenter included with Windows. If you use a solid-state drive, this isn't necessary.

Don't bother with a registry cleaner. Use the Free CCleaner instead, which has the best tested registry cleaner. It will also delete temporary files for other programs.  - Whenever I am about to turn the pc off, I clear my browsing history first and proceed to CCleaner, before I turn the pc off.

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