About Maychen

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog!

I am Maychen. I’m a blogger, Virtual Assistant, and a free-thinker. I love learning and trying many things to improve my growth personally and professionally. 

In this blog, I will be sharing posts related to technology and other random thoughts. I may sometimes post articles and videos sourced from different blogs and websites.

My Freelancing Career

My virtual career started in October 2011.

With my basic knowledge in MS Office and writing skills, I was first assigned on article-making and blogging tasks. My first and all-time Australian employer was very appreciative of my completed tasks. He introduced me into the Customer Relations Management or CRM field, Zoho CRM particularly, and I gradually learned things about the system. Later, several employers assigned me into related CRM sites like MailChimp.

I am still enjoying this career now, accepting Mailchimp Email Designing assignments, Social Media Management, web research, and other administrative jobs. I am lucky to have such a great job! I should have known oDesk right after I graduated.

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