Temple Run 2

Ever heard of Temple Run 2? This game is so addictive, made me have more time to play (first version of Temple Run) than work.

Well now hear much about it because it is the video game that has managed to dethrone the king, Angry Birds. In 13 days, the second version of Temple Run got 50 million downloads while the variant Angry Birds Space, needed 35 days to account for the same amount.

Temple Run 2 is a game created by a couple in Washington . U.S.. Natalia Luckyanova Keith Shepherd and her husband are the owners of the company Imangi Studios which has games like Max Adventure, Harbor Master and Hippo High Dive among others. 

In Temple Run the player takes the role of an explorer trying to steal an idol from an ancient temple and is pursued by "demonic monkeys". The game is available for Android, iOS and the Amazon Kindle . 

The first version of the game was released in 2011 and cost 99 cents but quickly became a free application. Temple Run 2 was released on January 13 this year to IOS and reached 6 million downloads in 24 hours.This application became number one on the list of free apps from App Store on its first day.
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